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Margarita Machine

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It's no secret.  People LOVE frozen drinks.  With our machine you can provide Strawberry Daquari's, Margarita's, Pina Colada's, Mango's, and more.

Makes 155 9 oz. cups per hour, requires 15 amps (not sure, JUST ASK!)


Skirted Cart/Table
1 FREE Concentrated Mix + Margarita Salt (additional available in store)
20% off Margarita Cups- IN STORE w/Rental
Delivery/Tax not included 

What You Might Need

0-41 Guests

1 Machine + 2 Mixes

42-72 Guests

1 Machine + 3 Mixes

73-149 Guests

2 Machines + 5-7 Mixes

150-199 Guests

2-3 Machines + 9 Mixes

**unopened mixes are returnable